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Fasal system

What is Fasal?

Fasal is a revolution that is helping farmers from across
India reinvent the way they approach Horticulture Farming.

It provides Farm – Level AI and IoT based actionable Crop Advisory to Farmers that is farm-specific, crop-specific and crop-stage specific.


Learn about effective irrigation management by understanding your soil better.

Pest and Disease

Stay one step ahead by learning efficient ways of tackling disease and pest on your farm.


Incorporate technology into your farm to improve productivity, quality, and profitability.

All things

One stop guide to a new improved horticulture farming.

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“Fasal’s actionable intelligence helped me to track critical micro & macro climatic parameters like soil moisture, leaf wetness, humidity, temperature, etc, and helped me in irrigation, temperature & disease management.”

Vishal Gambhir Patil

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We would love to talk to you and help
you understand more about Fasal

Let's connect!

We would love to talk to you and help you understand more about Fasal.